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5 Keys to a Deep Disinfection

Here are 5 Keys to a Proper Deep Disinfection Service:

1. Site Preparation & Safety

  • Follow CDC recommendations if case(s) were suspected or confirmed. 
  • Clean soiled areas before applying EPA List N disinfectant. 
  • Use required Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • Follow OSHA safety recommendations.

2. Chemical Preparation

  • Follow manufacturers label, if using a concentrated chemical diluted with potable water in reference to manufacturers label for recommended dilution ratio. Test strip solution for part per million of concentrate when necessary.

3. Application Method

  • Electrical chemical dispersal systems are the most efficient and effective ways to disinfect surfaces in that the fine mist of spray produced by theses systems covers more surface in less time and most of the time do not require a wipe down after the disinfectant reached its required dwell time thus reducing the risk of cross-contamination. These chemical dispersal systems include but are not limited to electrostatic sprayers, ultra-low volume sprayers, and foggers. 

4. Contact/Dwell Time

  • Surfaces are wet with the solution for the required contact time per the manufacturer’s recommendations. 

5. Post Cleanup & Inspection

  • Wipe any wet surfaces of excess disinfectant
  • Inspect all high touch points and common areas for errors
  • Approve service