5 Keys to a Deep Disinfection

5 Keys to a Deep Disinfection

Here are 5 Keys to a Proper Deep Disinfection Service:

1. Site Preparation & Safety

  • Follow CDC recommendations if case(s) were suspected or confirmed. 
  • Clean soiled areas before applying EPA List N disinfectant. 
  • Use required Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • Follow OSHA safety recommendations.

2. Chemical Preparation

  • Follow manufacturers label, if using a concentrated chemical diluted with potable water in reference to manufacturers label for recommended dilution ratio. Test strip solution for part per million of concentrate when necessary.

3. Application Method

  • Electrical chemical dispersal systems are the most efficient and effective ways to disinfect surfaces in that the fine mist of spray produced by theses systems covers more surface in less time and most of the time do not require a wipe down after the disinfectant reached its required dwell time thus reducing the risk of cross-contamination. These chemical dispersal systems include but are not limited to electrostatic sprayers, ultra-low volume sprayers, and foggers. 

4. Contact/Dwell Time

  • Surfaces are wet with the solution for the required contact time per the manufacturer’s recommendations. 

5. Post Cleanup & Inspection

  • Wipe any wet surfaces of excess disinfectant
  • Inspect all high touch points and common areas for errors
  • Approve service

6 Things to Assess When Evaluating the Work of Your Current Cleaning Service Provider

6 Things to Assess

When Evaluating the Work of Your Current Cleaning Service Provider

As a business owner or property manager, the responsibility of ensuring that your employees, clients, and customers are in a clean and safe environment is of utmost importance. That’s why evaluating your current cleaning service provider periodically to check if the contracted work and services are being provided and properly executed is key to maintaining your ideal working environment.

When is the last time you evaluated your service provider?

If your answer was “never” then now is the RIGHT time!

To help take the guesswork out of what you should be looking for, we have provided 6 key areas of focus that will allow you to make a proper assessment and determine if your needs are being met.

1. Restrooms cleaned and consumables stocked. Looks, smell, essential consumables readily available.

2. Dust buildup on vertical and horizontal surfaces. Check by running a finger or white paper towels along the vertical and horizontal surfaces to check for dust buildup. 

3. Soiled carpet needs to be spot cleaned when needed to help to prolong the service life of your carpet. A quality commercial cleaning company should have spot carpet cleaning in their scope of work included in their service proposal. 

4. Soiled and unkept trash receptacles can lead to bad odors and most importantly become breeding grounds for germs and bacteria. Trash removal should be one of the first tasks your office cleaning company performs when servicing your workspace. 

5. Time to respond to emergencies and cleaning mistakes. If you have an issue that hasn’t been fixed in regards to your cleaning services it may be time to start looking for a new office cleaning provider. 

6. Quality control and quality assurance systems and processes. Does your office cleaning provider offer opportunities for feedback and provide inspection reports to all interested stakeholders in your company or organization?

Your service provider, at a minimum, should be meeting these standards. If not, it’s either time to have a conversation with them or time to consider a new partner.

At Synergy Cleaning & Disinfection Services, we pride ourselves on exceeding the expectations of our clients by providing expert-level service and excellent customer service.

If you are in need of a cleaning service provider that will partner with you to make your ideal working environment a reality, Synergy Cleaning & Disinfection Services is ready to serve YOU!

Contact us TODAY for a free quote! 

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